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Artists in Residence and Previous Exhibitors

Claire Ankenman

Claire Ankenman's work has been featured in two solo exhibitions with Moody Gallery since 2008. Her exhibition titled Phase that was on view in 2010 consisted of mixed media works created from translucent materials, such as mylar, that explore illusion and light. Her work has been exhibited extensively in Texas and throughout the United States and is also included in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Pat McEnery

Pat McEnery uses transparent watercolor paints to creat representations of objects, animals and people. During her first career as a psychotherapist, her main preoccupation was the internal world of others although she was always making things as a little girl and throughout her life. Honoring her past in the present, she likes to make pieces that incorporate her own internal world, and her interest in the effects of time on the world around her experience.

Jean Karotkin

Jean Karotkin became a working photographer after surviving her own experience with breast cancer.  Connecting with others, she began using a medium-format camera to phtotgraph surviors around the country.  Based on her affirmative vision for an about women, she published"Body and Soul: The Courage and Beauty of Breast Cancer Survivors" in 2004.  Her phtotgraphy was published nationally, inlcuding O Magazine and Rosie Magazine and she appeared on the NBC Today show with Anne Curry.

Maxine Mueller

Born in New York, Mueller moved to Houston in 1965 and her career in the travel industry gave rise to the sites she wanted to share in her artwork.  Mueller said she was inspired by the light and color in Santa Fe to share “the beauty, balance and inspiration.” Mueller believes that “art affords us an opportunity to slow down and enjoy what God has created for us. It is a gratifying way to keep our spirits uplifted and it brings joy to my life to be capable of doing this.”

Patrick Palmer

Patrick Palmer is a figurative artist residing in Houston,Texas. He is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara and received his Masters of Fine Arts from Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.  Patrick Palmer has been the Dean and Studio School Faculty Chair and Department Head of Art History since 2011 at The Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

Ellen Orseck

Ellen Orsek is a Houston-based artist who paints images of figures submerged in water, sumo wrestlers immersed in food, people wrapped in technology, abstractions of creation, space, and turbulent weather.  Orseck is an art instructor at The Glassell School of Art and Rice University Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.  She is represented by the Nicole Longnecker Gallery in Houston, and works from her studio at 2101 Winter Street.

Arthur Turner

Arthur Turner is an internationally known and acclaimed watercolor artist.  He has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in New York at the Walter Wickiser Gallery Inc., throughout the US, Mexico and Europe.  He teaches at Glassell School of Art, MFAH, and in workshops nationwide and at the Malakademie Schloss Goldegg, in Austria.  He has been represented by Moody Gallery since its conception in 1975.

Antje Rietsch

A native of Berlin, Germany, Antje received her first art training in Ghent, Belgium, followed by studies in Wels, Austria, with Prof. Irma Rafaela Toledo.  Her final course work was completed  in Houston at the Art League and The Glassell School of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Most of her work is watercolor, mixed media, and monoprint.

Mary Ramain

As a photographer and painter, Mary Ramain's photography is held in the collections at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and in private collections around the country and internationally.  Her work represents her search for wholeness.  She uses her art as an outlet for healing and a search for balance in her spiritual and physical being.  The work in this show in an assemblage made of photographs and other organic material all reflecting that search for balance.  

Janis Ross

Janis Ross is a native of England and is the director of The Clay Arts Museum and Educational Organization. My belief is in the saying by the Peruvian Incas, "In the beginning, God gave to every people a cup of clay.  And from this cup, they drank their life."  For me this gift has been accepted by the human race, in all times, and in all places to produce things of beauty and utility.  

Liduine Beckman
Ruben Freeman

As a member of the Member Pulchri Studio Artist Guild in the Netherlands and long-time resident of Texas and 
Florida,  Liduine Bekman has been shown extensively in galleries, public exhibition spaces, festivals and competitive exhibitions on the national and international stage.  Her work represents the ocean from all the various coasts, from the Netherlands and the North Sea to the seemingly limitless variety and ultimate complexity in the sea 
creatures of the Gulf and Pacific Coasts.  Intrigued by the beauty of the colors and the many shapes, everything from soft and ethereal 
to stark and threatening, Liduine presents a view and signature painting style all her own.

Ken Mazzu
Caressa Van Pelt
Peihong Endris
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